Dr. Owusu is the owner of Shea Seasons, an ER doctor, proud Ghanaian-American, and a devoted mother of two. Leveraging her medical expertise and cultural background, she embarked on a journey that blends the wisdom of traditional ingredients with the precision of science to create a clean and highly effective skincare brand tailored for individuals and their families.

The catalyst that propelled her to expand Shea Seasons beyond her own kitchen came when she discovered the prevalence of severe eczema affecting countless children across America. This revelation deeply resonated with her as a mother, and heped her realize the potential of Shea Seasons as a solution not only for her own 3-month-old but also for everyday families , patients &  healthcare providers. 

  Shea Seasons mission is to also expand into non-traditonal spaces like the healthcare and hospitlality industries. 

 It has been our mission to display a labor of love to the world through representation of all people dealing with various dry skin conditions. It is our mission to continue to bring social awareness with our blog and solutions with our products.

This brand is a small owned black business, and we appreciate your support.
Check us out and let us know what you think! 
Dr. Owusu