Skincare tips for the harsh winter weather


So, we're officially gearing up for winter and in some states practically feeling the changes. If you already have dry skin, brace yourself because colder weather tends to dry the skin even more. Here is how you should think about it: Our skin has 3 layers and acts as a barrier to keep chemical/allergens out while retaining moisture/porducing oils and so much more. When it gets cold, water escapes our skin leading to dry skin.

I am here to give you several tips on how to keep you and your family hydrated and moisturized during this season. 

  1. Avoid hot showers !
  2. Avoid scented /abrasive soaps .
  3. Apply moisturizer right after the shower (best when skin is damp)
  4. A thicker cream/ointment is best (stay tuned for the shea body creams)
  5. Apply natural oils like vitamin e, seed oil etc to lock in and retain moisture.


 * Bonus -  Use sunscreen & Stay hydrated

 You will see a big difference in the texture and health of your skin once you put this in practice daily. Let me know your thoughts and drop your routine below !


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