3 Simple Steps :BodyCare Regimen

3 Simple Steps :BodyCare Regimen

So time and time again you have heard about layering skin care products and think to yourself... Is it necessary ?!  The answer is yes. You want your skin care  products to be most effective by layering them properly in your bodycare routine.


Rule of thumb :  Think Lightest to heaviest 

1st Cleanse

For dry/acne prone skin :  stick with a creamy non foaming cleanser

For oily skin: a gel /gently foamy cleanser. 

Bonus : Exfoliate your body with your favorite scrub  (1-2x a week)


2nd Moisturize

While your skin is damp, apply your favorite body cream/butter. Try our @sheaseasons body butters that give great moisture & shine! 


3rd Lock It in

Apply an oil to lock it in( this step is necessary really for those with dry skin ). I prefer a sweet smelling fragrant oil as that just takes it up a notch . 


These three steps are simple and will keep you hydrated and glowy year all round. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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